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Grinder of point / EcoBOS
Grinder of point / EcoBOSECOBOS
The maschine is designed for grinding the sharp edges of injection needles. The grinding of both edges of the tubes is possible. Set-up of equipments and servicing technique depend from numbers of furnished, sort needles and another conditions. Operating consist of one worker, which operate one grinding and blasting.

Length1650 mm
Width3100 mm
Height1600 mm
Weight2600 kg
Grinded tubes - Diameters Ø 0,3 ÷ Ø 0,9 mm (Ø 0,9 ÷ Ø 2 mm)
Grinded tubes - Lengths(10)16 ÷ 95 mm / 70 ÷ 200 mm
Grinded tubes - section angle ALFAmin. 7o - max. 40o
Grinded tubes - angle of rotation from the basic section± 50o
Output - grinding period of one band of the cca 60 ÷ 90 sec
Output - length of band90 mm
Output - numer of tubes d=0,8 on one band645 pcs
Grinding wheel - external diameter455 mm
Grinding wheel - hole diameter127 mm
Grinding wheel - width80 mm (2x40 mm)
Grinding wheel - diameter after abrasive wear200 mm
Maximal speed of table advancing8 m/min.
Power input3x400 V/50 Hz; 9,3 kVA
Compressed air 0,6 MPa; G ½“