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Test bench for endurance testing of water meters
Test bench for endurance testing of water meters  ET 20/15-40
The testing equipment has been designed to serve the purpose of endurance testing on water meters DN15÷40 with cold water within flow range 0,750÷20 m3/h according to EN 14154-3, point 5.13.

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17-002_testing_equipment_for_endurance_tests_on_water_meters_et_20_15_40_en.pdf testing equipment for endurance tests on water meters et 20 15 40 en.pdf [481,02 kB]

Flow rangeLine A 0,75 ÷ 7 DN 15÷25, Line B 1,5 ÷ 20 DN 15÷4
Power supply3 x 400V / 16A / 50 Hz
Waterclosed circuit
Air 6 bar
Environmentsimple, basic
Noise Level Equivalent70 dB(A)
Max. work pressure15 bar
Measuring mediumWater
Measuring medium temperature10÷30°C
Weight1 000 kg