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Forming and welding line
Forming and welding line WELD 2009
Roll bending and welding line is used for the mass production of welded thin-walled tubes by roll bending of calibrated tape and further welding without filler.

Length2100 mm
Width850 mm
Height1735 mm
Weight 1800 kg
Line dimensionsapprox. 1500 x 6200 mm
Material for welded tubesstainless steel, steel, brass, Fe-Ni alloy
Tape dimensions - width8 ÷ 14 mm
Tape dimensions - thickness0,16 ÷ 0,35 mm
Final dimension of tubeØ 2,5 ÷ 4,5 mm
Shift outputapprox. 3500 m of welded tube, mat.AISI 304, dimension 10 x 0,2 mm
Power supply3 x 400 V/50 Hz; power input 8 kVA
Protective gas (argon)18 L/min.
Cooling water (70÷150 kPa pressure)0,8 L/min.