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Grinder of point / FlexiBOS
Grinder of point / FlexiBOSFlexiBos 300
The machine is designed for grinding of point of needles and lancets in mass production. The diameter of grinded needles (lancets) is from 0,3 up to 3 mm with length from 16 to 400 mm.
The equipment features automatic run and quick adjustment of the needle fixing jig. The needles are glued on tapes (bands) and are inserted manually into the jig. After insertion of needles into the jig the whole grinding process is running automatically up to the point of taking out the needles from the jig.
The machine is operated by a PLC control system, which allows high-comfort controlling and programming of machine cycles by the user. The length of a working cycle is between 60 and 120 seconds in dependence on the type of grinded needles. The machine might be enhanced by a blasting equipment that removes burrs from needles after grinding.

Height1 600 mm
Length3 100 mm
Width1 650 mm
Weight3 300 mm
Electric voltage3 x 400 V; 50 Hz
Electric input20 kW
Compressed air0, 6 MPa; G 1/2“
Diameters of grinded cannulas or lancets0,3 to 3 mm
Length of grinded cannulas or lancets16 ÷ 400 mm
Grinding angle ALFA7° - 32°
Swinging angle from the main grid±180°
Production capacity for needles Ø 0,8x35 7500 pcs/hour
Production capacity for tape (band) length:300 mm
Outer diameter of grinding wheel455 mm
Wheel wigth40 mm