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Centrifuge of cooling liquid
Centrifuge of cooling liquidOCHKA
The centrifuge is intended for the removal of the sludge and abrasive material from the cooling liquid of machine tools.
The cooling liquid flowing out of the machine tool passes through a collecting vessel (it catches rough contaminants) and flows through the lid of the centrifuge into a rubber basket placed in the drum of the centrifuge.
Contaminated liquid flows into a collecting bag that rotates at high speed. By means of centrifugal force the contaminants are pushed towards the rim of the drum, where they are caught. The sludge is deposited on the walls of the rubber basket and clean liquid flows over into the collecting tank.

Height700 mm
Width700 mm
Length795 mm
Weight170 kg
Power supply TN-S / 380V / 10A/ 60 Hz
Power input 2,4 kW